Alexandre Nicolas

Forty year old chef Alexandre Nicolas finds his roots in Brittany. Son of a greengrocer, Alexandre has spent most of his childhood on the Rungis market. He’s been inspired from a very early age by the beauty of the produce and naturally thought of working as a chef.

In his early days, Alexandre touched a bit of everything: going from the Kitchens of Palais du Luxembourg (the home to the French Senate), the Lancaster Hotel to La Maison Blanche on Avenue Montaigne in Paris. He finally entered Alain Ducasse Entreprise in March 2003. A date to remember.

After putting his expertise at the service of the Spoon at the Sanderson Hotel and participating in the opening of Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester in London,  he then moved back to Paris at the Spoon Food&Wine and the Relais du Parc.

But his story with London was not over. Today, Alexandre’s passion for a generous and simple cuisine leads him to the helm of the Rivea restaurant in the Bulgari Hotel & Residences London, where he has been the Executive Chef.