Roberto Di Pinto

Roberto Di Pinto is the new Executive Chef of the Bulgari Hotel restaurant in Milan.

Born and raised in Napoli, Roberto’s intuitive cooking reflects the historical connections of his city with the Mediterranean cuisine, and his menu is the point of convergence between a strong, Neapolitan culinary identity and the desire to project family recipes and traditional flavors into the future.

Still deeply fond of pastry, Roberto revealed his passion for cooking at a very early age, starting his career working every day after school at the worldwide famous, the-best-in-town-pastry shop, Scaturchio pastry in Naples.

After his studies, he began a journey of professional growth that took him from Rome to London, passing through Florence and Milan, where, starting the path from Chef de partie, he finally become Executive Sous Chef.

But it was an internship with Chef Gennaro Esposito that finally defined Roberto’s definitive vision of cooking and tied him even more to his Neapolitan roots: taking Chef Gennaro as an example to follow, Roberto wishes to become Ambassador of the Mediterranean cuisine here in Milan.

The Chef had the chance to grow professionally thanks to the work experience he had in the past years at the Bulgari Hotel, which helped him to fully develop his ability in interpreting the philosophy and the value of the brand.

The superb quality of the raw ingredients, familiar scents and the fidelity to the great Italian tradition of excellence are the main ingredients of Roberto Di Pinto cuisine.