From Nature to the Mind: Public Art Searching for Balance

The exhibition at the Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture has the goal of raising the awareness of nature in public art after decades of lightning fast urbanisation which was part of the Nation’s rapid development. The 80 works chosen from over forty Chinese artists, including Wu Weishan and Li Xiangqun, seek to bring the visitor back to ancient times when the relationship with the external world wasn’t conflictual, but harmonious and spontaneous. Nature, exalted in its role of repairing and restoring, is the aesthetic reference for the entire exhibition. The garden has always been considered by the Chinese as the quintessential “poetic dwelling” of the old sage. With these conceptual premises, the new public art attempts to bring nature back to the centre of urban life and re-establish the ancient balance that made up the relationship between man and the landscape, or at least to establish a connection between the urban aesthetic and the artistic perceptions of the individual.
Arianna Papalia - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel Beijing