Welcome to the Year of the Dog!

The dog is one of the most faithful and intelligent animals. Traditionally, in Chinese culture, it is considered capable of keeping away evil spirits and guaranteeing the safety of any house it guards. For these qualities, it was chosen in ancient times by the Sovereign of Jade as the eleventh of the twelve animals that make up the Chinese Zodiac. In the Chinese calendar, 16 February 2018 signalled the start of the Year of the Dog. For the occasion, the National Museum of China inaugurated an exhibition to honour the star of this new year. From numerous national collections, the most precious jade objects depicting the animal were selected, dating back to the Song and Qing dynasties. The paintings on display show the folklore and customs surrounding the Chinese New Year tradition, the bronzes testify to the mix of local traditions and the Buddhism imported from India. The sculptures and ceramics shaped like dogs pay homage to the animal that promises the Chinese good health and serenity.
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