Photos to Immortalise All the Beauty of the World

In almost 130 years of scientific contributions, the magazine National Geographic has had the ability, not only to capture rare and precious images of our planet, but also to document the transformations of Earth’s surface, the human race and the animal kingdom. It has consistently reported all the greatest scientific discoveries, it has turned its gaze to outer space, adapted to the times. On display at the World Art Museum of Beijing, inside the monumental work that China dedicated to the New Millennium, photos from this historic magazine tell the story of planet Earth. From unknown tribes to the people running around today’s modern cities, to the most isolated corners of uncontaminated nature and the immenseness of outer space, the exhibition retraces recent history. It does so through the most significant photos, subsequently famous throughout the world, and the incredible stories hidden behind those images. Multimedia exhibitions also tell of this wonderful world in constant movement. Films of migrations, like the satellite images of the Earth which give the perception that behind the camera are attentive observers and talented technicians using the latest technology, sensitive experts able to gather the mutations of time and whoever or whatever is prey to them.
Arianna Papalia - © 2018 for Bvlgari Hotel Beijing