The Beatles at the Today Art Museum

The Today Art Museum, in the heart of the city’s artistic neighbourhood, allows visitors to travel back in time, moving geographically a few meridians west of Beijing: England in the ‘60s. when The Beatles started to become a worldwide phenomenon, their music becoming a soundtrack to rebellious youth. The multimedia exhibition The Beatles, Tomorrow retraces those years with the notes and the faces of those four famed musicians. On display, numerous photos that depict the members of the band in various moments of their public and private lives, more than 250 newspaper and magazine clippings, vintage video clips to re-live the style, rhythm and words of the great successes of the Fab Four. Fans will thrill over the reconstruction of the set of the Ed Sullivan Show, the celebrated broadcast that hosted the quartet from Liverpool. Vinyl records never seen before and objects belonging to the artists - selected for the occasion from private collections - all in an exhibition dedicated to a band that became a legend, and not only revolutionised music throughout the world, but continues, today, to captivate the imagination of new generations.
Arianna Papalia - © 2018 for Bvlgari Hotel Beijing