The Sculptures of Bourdelle at TAM

The Tsinghua Art Museum, once again, dedicates an exhibition to one of the masters of Western Art: the French painter, sculptor and teacher Émile-Antoine Bourdelle. On display at the museum, some of the sculptures he created during his 60-year career. Displayed diachronically in six sections, the works testify to the debt the artist had with classic Greek art. The mythological figures from the Hellenic tradition take shape thanks to the genius of Bourdelle who adds his particular artistic taste and reinterprets the aesthetic rules. The angelic faces of the classic tradition take on more severe lines, the bodies stretch in more asymmetrical and sinuous movements, the volume of the works is heavier, less defined. Besides the bronzes, oil paintings and preparatory sketches complete this look at an artist that profoundly influenced art at the end of the 1800s, leaving a model for future generations to follow.
Arianna Papalia - © 2018 for Bvlgari Hotel Beijing