Virtual Art Arrives in China

No longer considered a new trend, Virtual Reality has made its way into the global market, also making its way into the art world. In China, the Faurschou Foundation embraces the technology with a cycle of five exhibitions concluding in February 2018. Each of the artists will present a VR work along with drawings, books and other accompanying works. The first artist to be featured is Christian Lemmerz, with his VR body of Christ. Sculptor, photographer, performer and video-maker, Lemmerz presents his work The Apparition - the body of Christ that burns, large pieces of ash falling from it, making this figure appear alive even in death. It seems that the artist enjoyed subverting the religious stereotypes of this image, while remaining fascinated by VR’s potential, on the edge between marvel and perturbation. In October, it is Erik Parker’s turn. The artist, known for his vivacious colours and his organised chaos, where confusion and madness are concealed by meticulous structure, presents Switchstance Bay. Then, there’s Paul McCarthy, with his multimedia installations and criticism of the hypocrisy of American society, as well as Tony Oursler, American as well, famous for his three-dimensional videos. Concluding the cycle, a single never-before-seen work by Chinese artist Yu Hong. The Foundation has taken on a glorious challenge in deciding to support a new possibility for art to go beyond its own boundaries.
Eleonora Brizi - © 2017 for Bulgari Hotel Beijing