70 Years of Ferrari: the Design Museum Dyes Itself Red

“Race cars are beautiful or ugly. They become beautiful when they win,” said Enzo Ferrari, creator of an automotive legend. 70 years from its founding, the brand of the “Bucking Horse” comes to the Design Museum to offer the British public a look at the incredible mix of tradition and innovation, sporting beauty and passion, which have made its iconic vehicles, objects of desire. Rare automobiles, models, drawings, photos and historic documents tell the story of the house of Maranello: from devastated post-World War II Italy, where the Drake - that’s what Ferrari was called in an allusion to the famous corsair - began the quest to create the perfect auto, up to the triumphs on the Formula 1 circuit and today’s experiments with hybrid motors. On display, the first the model of Ferrari (the 125S), but also the vehicle that raced to victory for the Gran Premio of 2000 with Michael Schumacher, the F40 of Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason (1988) and a 250 GT Cabriolet from 1957 that belonged to Peter Collins. Not to be missed, the section dedicated to research and design, in order to go behind the scenes of the jewels of yesterday and today: original projects drawn by hand, wooden and clay models, motors that seem like sculptures, reproductions of high technology test tunnels… And finally, the elite side of a timeless status symbol, with a look at Ferrari’s clients - from Miles Davis to Brigitte Bardot, from Clint Eastwood to Peter Sellers, photographed next to their brilliant autos.
Francesca Grego - © 2018 ARTE.it for Bulgari Hotel London