At the Garden Museum, Cedric Morris, the Expert Botanical Painter

Cedric Morris, born in 1889, was the only British artist to boost of, not only vivid floral paintings, but a green thumb as well. He is celebrated in the exhibition Cedric Morris: Artist Plantsman at the Garden Museum, the museum that celebrates and explores the English culture of gardens and gardening with temporary events and exhibitions. An itinerary - the first that retraces all the work produced by Morris during an arc of thirty years - detailing the mix of art and botany in the work of one of the great personalities of the XX Century. Besides portraits, landscapes and still lifes, Morris created numerous floral paintings that reveal his lively interest in botany while also showing how, as an impressionist artist, his work was also touched by echoes of surrealism and cubism. This founder of the Anglo-Oriental school of painting and drawing is a crucial figure in modern British tradition and the exhibition depicts him as a true avant-garde artist. Visitors can also visit the Philip Mold & Company Pall Mall Gallery, just thirty-minutes walk from the Garden Museum, to continue exploring the universe of Cedric Morris, with the exhibition Cedric Morris: Beyond the Garden Wall.
Samantha De Martin - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel London