Pinturicchio, a Point of Departure for Britain’s Youths

What does a child of four, five or six years of age see in the masterpiece of Pinturicchio which depicts Penelope as she weaves cloth in front of her suitors, waiting for her husband to return? Certainly the sea, a sailboat, the port and an extraordinary gamma of blue. However, the real answer comes in the form of an exhibition, entitled Take One Picture, a program for the national primary schools with its results on display in the Sunley Room of the National Gallery. The challenge is to have the schools use the hall in a imaginative way, allowing the works of art to stimulate the students who then respond creatively to questions about relative themes, historical context and artistic composition. This year, the source of inspiration for the children is a work by Pinturicchio. The itinerary is made up of a variety of works that reflect the creativity of the answers generated by these young protagonists around the story of Ulysses, discovered through the painting of the artist from Perugia. The fresco, detached and placed on a canvas, belongs to a series of works painted around 1509 for a room in Palazzo Petrucci in Siena.
Samantha De Martin - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel London