The Democratic Perspective of Gursky at the Hayward Gallery

A reflection on the creation of images and its limits from the human perspective, an intuition born out of the pure joy of seeing, of observing the shape of the world. In the photography of Andreas Gursky, a democratic perspective confers all the highly detailed central elements of the scene, the exact same attention. The exhibition at the Hayward Gallery - inside the Southbank Centre - celebrates the German photographer, famous for his large format shots, bursting with lively colours, immortalising buildings, board rooms and supermarket shelves. From the start of the ‘80s to today, approximately 60 photos retrace the most iconic work of the artist, from Paris, Montparnasse, from 1993, to Rhine II, from 1999. After two years of renovations, the Hayward Gallery, with its brilliant new lighting system, reopens with this exhibition dedicated to the artist from Leipzig and prepares to celebrate, in 2018, its fiftieth anniversary with this innovative photography, capable of rendering the modern era.
Samantha De Martin - © 2017 for Bvlgari Hotel London