Wade Guyton at the Serpentine Gallery

Critics refer to him as: “the digital Jackson Pollock”, but also consider him as “one of the most significant painters of his generation”, although he has never painted. The mechanical and deliberate errors, printing anomalies, interruptions and the inconsistency due to the decrease of ink levels are the tools of his study. Then, the artist’s additions, which darken or reveal the original text and the pages, removed from Art catalogues to accept a new addition or a new print. It’s Wade Guyton’s language, the American artist who reflects upon the limits and the potential of the digital expression through the use of technologies, from the I-Phone to Epson printers. Das New Yorker Atelier, Abridged, is the title of the exhibition, held at the Serpentine Gallery, which presents works realised in the last two years, refers to the artist’s production lab, in the heart of Manhattan but also to Guyton’s encounter with the painting Das Pariser Atelier by Swiss painter Hans Jakob Oeri. From photos taken with a cellphone camera to the screenshots of webpages captured by Guyton, the artist insists on the idea that anything is potential material in an exhibition that highlights the potential and contradictions of contemporary digital visual language.
Samantha De Martin - © 2018 ARTE.it for Bulgari Hotel London