At the Fondazione Carriero, Sol LeWitt as Seen by Rem Koolhaas

Ten years after Sol LeWitt’s passing, the Fondazione Carriero casts a new look at his daring and still highly relevant creations. From the hypnotic geometry of Wall Drawings to noteworthy sculptures like Complex Form and Hanging Structures, up to his photographic series, a rich body of works illustrate the range of the great conceptual artist. A through-line, the potent relationship between the works and the space, a central focus, in part, conceived by LeWitt, which revolutionised the idea of site-specific art. For the first time, in the role of curator, along with Francesco Stocchi, Rem Koolhaas gives form to an itinerary that goes straight to the heart of conceptual art, demonstrating the affinity between artist and architect in the practices of LeWitt. Both “generators of ideas”, they share the lead in the execution of a project, which can then be picked up by anybody - with a certain degree of liberty - following the indications of the author. But there’s more. In between two-dimensions and three-dimensions, the works of Sol LeWitt remodel the space in never-before-seen ways, adapting to its forms while rebuilding it in patterns that are infinitely transformable. The result is an environment that is constantly renewed, made of lines, colours and shapes, but, above all, the ideas that they generate.
Francesca Grego - © 2017 for Bvlgari Hotel Milano