At the Hangar Bicocca, a Dream Machine for Deciphering Reality

What happens to the incredible machine of the body when we sleep? The latest study by Eva Kot'átková begins with this question. The Czech artist has investigated, with both creativity and acuity, clichés, paradigms, the implicit and explicit norms that influence human behaviours. New installations, sculptures, collages and performance pieces shed light on parallel worlds that, like efficient dream machines, we create while we sleep: a privileged observatory from which we can view a singular, unique repertoire of individual thoughts and fantasies, but also scan collective consciousness in search of hidden obstacles and fears. Among the preferred methods of the artist, performance, conversation and surrealist and dadaist oral narratives that often feature children as protagonists. Such as in the video Stomach of the World, in which a group of very young performers mime the movements of a large collective “body” that ingests and digests stimoli from the outside world. In The Dream Machine is Asleep, the entire exhibition space is transformed into a maze-like organism in which we can explore our perceptions of reality. And for younger visitors, there is the Children Office, where an “archive of dreams” can be found.
Francesca Grego - © 2018 for Bvlgari Hotel Milano