At the Hangar Bicocca, the Hypnotic Visions of Matt Mullican

The shamanic imagery of Matt Mullican invades the industrial archeological spaces of the Hangar Bicocca with a kaleidoscope of images, symbols and colours which shed light on the entire journey of the American artist. An immersion in an unusual and fascinating universe, which finds its roots in daily life before taking off in the visions of Mullican, one of the greatest talents of the contemporary scene, and revealing unknown dimensions of reality that are right under our noses. Thousands of works created using an extraordinary variety of mediums (sculpture, large installations, frottage painting, poster art, neon, videos, performances, light box art, photography, virtual reality environments, works on paper, glass, stone, metal) show the vast range of the artist, that, in 40 years of work, has found inspiration in the Hindu mandala and the cultures of the indigenous peoples of North America as much as in comic book characters, scientific illustrations, signs from airports and cinemas, creating bridges between times, places and different cultures. Entering in a structure created specifically for the occasion, visitors will explore, from the inside, “The Five Worlds” of Mullican, a cosmology that explores the systems elaborated by humanity to give sense to our own perceptions. Until meeting “That Person”, the alter ego of the artist under hypnosis, with the alteration of consciousness leading to knew understanding and creative endeavours.
Francesca Grego - © 2018 for Bvlgari Hotel Milano