From Cinema to Painting: the Talent of Gus Van Sant

After the success of Icone, the exhibition that brought painting, music and photography by Gus Van Sant to Italy for the first time, the American cinema great returns to the Bel Paese with a project that confirms his famously versatile talent. Among the most brilliant proponents of American independent cinema, but more than capable of taking on the huge productions of Hollywood, Van Sant got the attention of world audiences with films like Elephant, winner of the Palma d’Oro at Cannes for best film and best director (2003). A restless and non-conformist that moves with grace between arts, genres and varying disciplines. Common denominators: the urban scenes of Portland, Oregon, the landscapes of the desert, an experimental approach, the theme of youth and its altered perceptions, the attraction for artists and the atmosphere of the Beat Generation. “Paintings and films are really similar”, explains Van Sant, “both rely on composition and color and light - and both move in their own ways”. From the enigmatic title Not Sure to the high-definition of the “imaginary illustrations”, the work on display in Milan seems in line with the original approach that defines the creations of the director. Making the event truly unique, the fact that it is exclusively for Italy and the special display where new works have been directly applied to the walls of Le Case d’Arte.
Francesca Grego - © 2017 for Bulgari Hotel Milano