In Brera, Sguardi Divertiti

Movement, mutation, chance, the temporary as an “agent of amazement” are the basis of the art of Grazia Varisco. Whether it’s creating works on paper or sculptures, her imagination generates graphic strokes of extraordinary efficiency. As a pioneer of art in the ‘60s and still an indefatigable innovator, the Accademia di Belle Arti of Brera pays homage to her with an exhibition that explores all her work, revealing the multifaceted nature of her creative journey. A student of Guido Ballo, Lucio Fontana - who purchased her first work - and Bruno Munari, the only woman in the legendary Gruppo T, for more than 60 years, Grazia Varisco has explored the twists of perception, space, the illusions of the senses and the mind through the variation of images in sequence. Such is the case in the noteworthy Quadri Comunicanti, in Random Walks by Random Numbers from 1972-74 as in Gnomoni created a decade a later, inspired by the light and shadows of the South. “At the basis of my work, there is always the poetry of the quotidian,” explained the artist. “In Sicily, I became aware of how much more present and vivid shadows were, compared with the North. It amazed me. And when I created the large sculpture Gnomoni and saw children playing with the black shadows, climbing over them, it confirmed my sensations.” An infinite well of surprising visions, for Varisco, art is the place of the “amused gaze”, as the title of the exhibition declares - where ambivalence, the unexplainable, the deviation from the expected offer a game with a thousand solutions.
Francesca Grego - © 2018 for Bvlgari Hotel Milano