The “Spiritual” Itinerary of Bill Viola in the Crypt of San Sepolcro

Five men standing up, very close to each other, taken by the emotions that are brewing in their bodies, while the mystic atmosphere of Milan’s oldest subterranean church testifies to this sequence that leaves, in a turbine of sensations, each of the characters, completely overwhelmed. Bill Viola couldn’t have chosen a better location for this artistic event that, until 28 January, will host three video works that will enter into a dialogue with the intrinsic spirituality of the crypt of the Santo Sepolocro. The American artist, among the most appreciated video artists of today, explores the concepts of birth, death, resurrection and human consciousness inside one of Milan’s most important cultural locations, reopened recently to the public after 50 years. There is the passage of time and the interior transformation of a person, there are the four natural elements - air, water, earth and fire - and there is the image of an individual, initially bent over by weight to the ground, in this exhibition that aims at involving the public in a crescendo of emotions amplified by the space’s suggestive architecture. In this place, that for centuries, gave silent testimony to the emotions of thousands of people who prayed, cried, celebrated, hoped, the visitor becomes an active part of the installations in as much as their emotions become linked as well to this magical location.
Samantha De Martin - © 2017 for Bulgari Hotel Milano