A Century since the October Revolution

In occasion of the Hundredth Anniversary of the October Revolution, the National Museum of China, along with the Museum of Russian History, inaugurate an exhibition to celebrate the importance of those incredible events for the history of their respective countries. Arriving in Peking directly from Moscow, the famous paintings of the revolution depicting its crucial moments. Relics and sculptures preserved for a century help to recreate the atmosphere of those fateful months, while propaganda posters of the public commemorations that followed through the years with their particular artistic elements, show the affection of Russians for the social upheaval that began in 1917. A section of the exhibition is dedicated specifically to honouring relations between China and the Soviet Union. The funeral wreath that Sun Yat-sen composed for the death of Lenin is just one example of the many gifts exchanged between the leaders of the two Nations, and how Russia and China, linked by a common past, share a long history of diplomatic relations.

Arianna Papalia - © 2017 ARTE.it for Bulgari Hotel Beijing