The Poetry of Space as Art at the Today Art Museum

The exhibition 2018 Finding Friends at the Today Art Museum is a particular artistic experiment that brings the realms of literature and philosophy into reality. The theme of the exhibition was inspired by the thoughts of French philosopher and poet Bachelard Gaston, who believed that space should be the dwelling of human understanding. In a post-modernist game of repossession and personalisation of the physical environment, three Chinese artists confront each other’s work. Guo Donglai, Mu Jing and Zhang Xiaoyue not only dialogue with the space assigned to each of them by the Today Art Museum, but through a window that opens onto the city, they are inspired to connect with society at large. Their works become part of the social experience, exploring a new relationship between art and the public, art as a poetic space. Through interaction with the outside world, the works of the three artists acquire a different value, becoming a springboard for public reflection on the value of dwellings as an existential locus.
Arianna Papalia - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel Beijing