Goût de France/Good France returns to Rivea London
#Haute cuisine

Following the success of the past three years, Goût de France / Good France returns at Rivea London on March 21st.

Organized on the initiative of Alain Ducasse and of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Development, and inspired by Auguste Escoffier, Goût de France / Good France aims to bring together chefs from all four corners of the planet for the duration of a dinner. 3000 chefs will once again pay respect to today's cuisine: humanist, energetic, diverse, and relevant.

Rivea London's Head Chef Antonio Corsaro has created a six-course menu for the dinner which begins with panisses and condiments, followed by quail eggs with asparagus, a truffle soup inspired by a famed Bocuse dish, Dover sole, a cheese course and a chocolate praline dessert. Classic, contemporary and artful, it promises to be a remarkable evening for London gastronomes.