Art in the Time of Terror at the Imperial War Museum

What has war left in the eyes, the brushes, the sculptures of artists and in what way have the tragic events of 11 September 2001 thrown a woeful shroud over art itself? The answer comes in the form of 50 works, many exhibited for the first time - including sculptures, installations, films, photos - from the more than 40 artists hosted by the Imperial War Museum for the exhibition Age of Terror: Art since 9/11. From Ai Weiwei to Grayson Perry, from Mona Hatoum to Alfredo Jaar, contemporary art looks at the global response to those attacks which struck painfully at the heart of Western culture. The nature of war and the continuous state of emergency in which the world has been placed become important themes to contemporary artists who assume an important role in representing the current conflict. The exhibition is a first-time voyage, original, following four key themes: the immediate responses of artists to the attacks of 11 September, provisions taken to enhance security, our relationship with firearms, drones, bombs, and the repercussions that the conflict has had on landscapes, architecture and people. Among the works not to be missed, The Twin Towers by Chilean artist Iván Navarro (2011), a series of neon installations that create the illusion of a concave infinite space, on display in the United Kingdom for the first time.
Samantha De Martin - © 2017 for Bvlgari Hotel London