John Copeland at the Newport Street Gallery for His First Personal Show in the UK

With 25 paintings created between 2009 and 2017, on loan from the Murderme Collection, John Copeland arrives at the Newport Street Gallery for his first personal exhibition in the United Kingdom. The surfaces of the canvases, created with oil paints and acrylics, show the interest of the artist, born in 1976, towards the interaction of figures in his works. His subjects, in fact, are often seen in social contexts, around a table or one behind the other, while remaining surrounded by abstract backgrounds comprised of unusual amorphous forms. He also uses motifs that are dear to the history of art - the nude, the skull, the table - and the artist also uses his London exhibition entitled Your Heaven Looks Just Like My Hell as a point of departure for a conversation, a digression or, rather, a riddle for the spectators which shall remain unanswered. His work, a sort of exploration of the act of observing, finds its inspiration in collections of photos, magazine clippings, images of every type, the same that we find every day right under our noses. As the artist himself affirms, “I’m interested in the dynamic between the surface and the underground, myth and reality. All my work plays with the act of observing and the awareness of this act.”
Samantha De Martin - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel London