At La Scala, a Triptych of Emotions in Dance

Two jewels of the ballet along with a major premiere in one evening. Opening the show is Mahler 10, the new creation by Aszure Barton, one of the world’s most innovative choreographers of the new generation. Flair and virtuosity fly on the notes of Gustav Mahler’s 10th Symphony - the vigour of the music matched by human energy and choreographic wizardry. The result is a wild arc of emotions, which speaks of beauty and the fragility of being. Amid sparkling atmospheres, force gives way to the sublime lightness of Mozart in a milestone of the ballet of the end of the 1900s, not seen on the stage of La Scala in over 10 years - Petite Mort, commissioned to Jiři Kyliàn in 1991 for the Salzburg Festival to celebrate the second century since the death of the composer. Two noteworthy concerts for piano are the base for a stunning mix of group dances and pas de deux over lyrical and passionate tones. And finally, the timeless Boléro of Maurice Ravel in the iconic work conceived by Maurice Béjart for the Ballet du XXéme Siécle (1961). For the first time, Roberto Bolle will interpret the role of Melodia, which was done by Ida Rubinstein and then Jorge Donn. The violent and sensual crescendo returns, which was once described by Béjart as, “A melody, a feminine symbol, soft and warm and absolutely unique, enveloping without posing on itself; a masculine rhythm, which, while remaining the same, increases in volume and intensity, devouring the space and, finally, swallowing the melody itself.”
Francesca Grego - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel Milano