At the Triennale, the Extreme Frontier of the Arctic

Beyond the tundra and the northern forests, towards the barren and inhospitable lands of ice, where humans have survived for thousands of years. More than 60 shots by three masters of photography - Paolo Solari Bozzi, Ragnar Axelsson, Carsten Egevang - bring us to the immense territory between Greenland, Alaska, Iceland and Siberia, where, today, only 150.000 Inuit remain. Infinite stretches of white, stalactites that seem like embroidery, furious blizzards and amazing wild animals characterise a landscape both hostile and magnetic. However, the beauty and biodiversity of the arctic landscape is now threatened by climate change, global warming, introducing new elements into the ancient dialectic between humanity and its habitat. Three views, three different perspectives, show the daily life of the Inuit in the XXI Century, mutating with progress - entire villages disappearing, professions that are no longer practiced, two aged survivors resisting in a huge house where they can only heat one room, while the struggle for survival continues with new instruments and the humanity of the natives of the ice seem anything but frozen. And to better understand the polar world, three documentaries that explore this extreme environment and its inhabitants.
Francesca Grego - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel Milano