Museum Kain by BIN House

Since over 40 years, Josephine Komara and Romi Siswandi, BIN House founders, have accumulating their personal collection of batik clothing. Literally meaning “cloth museum”, Museum Kain is located inside Beachwalk Bali and it is equipped with audio-visual presentations to make the experience interactive.


One of the centerpieces of the collection is the cone-shaped yellow rice tumpeng symbolizing Mount Semeru, where the gods in Javanese mythology lived. Helping visitors in learning about the different methods of Indonesian cloth making - such as how to batik -, Museum Kain represents a great new addition to the island’s cultural learning destinations.



Location: Alang-Alang Section, Beachwalk Bali

Opening Hours: 9.00am to 9.00pm

Image courtesy of Beachwalk Bali

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