Dan Graham Debuts at the Red Brick Art Museum

The conceptual art of Dan Graham lands at the Red Brick Art Museum. The famous New York artist brings his attention for cultural phenomenon to Beijing with photos, videos, performances, and glass and aluminium structures. On display in the museum are pages of newspapers that published his first works in the ‘60s. Printing on paper was an act of protest against the scarse attention dedicated to art: the low quality of this medium diminished the value of his work, reducing it to mere advertisement. A section at the Red Brick is also dedicated to music with particular attention to Rock and Roll: an entire hall is dedicated to allowing visitors to listen to the hits that were a part of Graham’s life and his generation. Finally, the installation of aluminium, glass and mirrors, defined as a pavilion to denote their natural hybrid between sculpture and architecture, transmits the sense that the artist wants to give to his creations. He wants them to transform space and take on meaning through the interaction of the viewer.

Arianna Papalia - © 2018 ARTE.it for Bulgari Hotel Beijing