The Porcelains of Emperors Hongzhi and Zhengde

Turning just East from the door of Supreme Purity, there are two small pavilions of the Forbidden City: the Hall for Abstinence and the Temple of Honesty. The fine inlaid ceilings and the elegance of the spaces are the perfect environment for these ceramic works from the Ming Dynasty. The porcelains on display are from both the Imperial Collection and the famous Imperial forges of Jingdezhen, in Jiangxi, and are from the Empires of Hongzhi and Zhengde, two sovereigns that governed China around the XVI Century. The cobalt coloured vases exalt space with their sinuous forms. Under the glazing of the finest plates and "white and blue" porcelain bowls, are the dancing animals of Chinese mythology. Meanwhile, floral motifs decorate the "doucai" porcelains, famous for the under and over-glazing techniques used in their creation. A rare look at equally rare pieces that, already, five centuries ago, achieved perfection.

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