The Return of Sarah Morris after a Trip around the World

Sarah Morris returns to Beijing ten years after her film Beijing. In the Chinese capital again, which was the mid-way stop in her twenty-year career, the American artist, born in England, can reveal her artistic and conceptual studies carried out in many cities around the planet, not in search of an absolute truth, but of details that reveal the complexity of reality. Her artistic output travels on two tracks - film and painting are two sides of the same coin which are charged with the responsibility of transmitting her particular vision of the world and the phenomenon that govern it. Sarah Morris, like Ulysses, returns from her travels to the Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art and fills it with her skepticism, she colours it with her geometric forms, she breaks it down with her own architectonic conceptions. Her portraits and the large mural inspired by her films allude to her continuing voyage to discover the essence of modern urban contexts where a portion of humanity continues to nest.
Arianna Papalia - © 2018 for Bvlgari Hotel Beijing