At the National Portrait Gallery, the Portraits of Cézanne

From the collaboration of the National Portrait Gallery with Musée d’Orsay and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, an unforgettable exhibition that reunites over 50 creations by Paul Cézanne from museums and private collections in every corner of the globe. Of special note, works never displayed in the United Kingdom, such as Self-Portrait with Hat, or absent from the British art scene since the ‘30s, such as Madame Cézanne on a Yellow Chair and Boy in the Red Waistcoat. Pioneer of form with his innovative use of colour, during his career, Cézanne painted almost 200 portraits. Throughout the exhibition, it is possible to admire celebrated works from every phase of his research, such as those dedicated to his uncle Dominique and the gardener Vallier, as well as different versions of the same subject - above all, the artist himself and his wife Hortense, immortalised 29 times during his life and work. Not just a feast for the eyes, but an occasion to study the evolution of style, sensibility and methods of a master destined to influence the art of the next century, to the point of Matisse and Picasso defining him as “the Father of us all”.
Francesca Grego - © 2017 for Bulgari Hotel London