At the Royal Albert Hall, the Colours and Acrobatics of Cirque du Soleil

With its fantasy-filled celebration of nature, the Canadian circus, one of the world’s most famed, conquers the Royal Albert Hall. Along with a cast composed of 50 artists from 17 countries, that capture the public with their acrobatic performances, including European champion gymnast Alanna Baker, performing in the vividly colourful role of the Black Spider. Since, in 2009, it was presented in Montreal as “The Big Top Show”, Ovo has stunned, with its stellar performances, over 5 million spectators. Because Ovo - ‘uovo’ in Portuguese - is a wild dash into a colourful universe, teeming with life, where insects eat, work, fight and look for love in an incessant tumult of energy and movement. When a mysterious egg comes into their lives, they turn it into an icon which incarnates the mystery and cycles of their very existence. For eight weeks, the play directed by choreographer Deborah Colker, offers up pure energy for the the taking. The name of this famed company owes itself to entrepreneur and philanthropist Guy Laliberté, who came up with it while watching a sunset in Hawaii.
Samantha De Martin - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel London