The Crazy Days of Mozart at the London Coliseum

A wild day of madness, passion and surprises in the light-hearted style of the genius of Salzburg - The Marriage of Figaro, with its 230 years of success. “Here, all they talk about is Figaro, they don’t play, they don’t blow, they don’t sing, they don’t whistle if not Figaro. Eternally Figaro!”, the composer observed in amazement during the performances in Prague, while in Vienna, to limit the encores, an imperial decree was required. And the opera almost remained unseen because of censorship by the Hapsburg Emperor Joseph II. The story is well-known: the Count of Almaviva tries to exercise the ius primae noctis on Susanna, the maid of the Countess, giving rise to a series of tricks, misunderstandings and events that keep the public on the edge of its seat from the first instant. A merry reflection on love in its different phases, a satire on the relations between master and servant, but, above all, an evening of great music: from the famed Ouverture, which was even used for the adventures of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to the song of the Cherubino in Tell me What Love Is and by Figaro in Here’s an End to Your Life as a Rover.
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