Ambienti/Environments by Lucio Fontana are “Alive Again” at the HangarBicocca

The ambient spaces of Lucio Fontana, a maze of rooms and hallways conceived by the artist starting at the end of the Forties and almost always destroyed at the end of their exhibition, take form again in a never-before-seen exhibition inside the Navate space of the Pirelli HangarBicocca. Some of the spaces on display, among the artist from Rosario’s lesser known works because of their ephemeral nature, have been reconstructed for the first time since the death of the founder of the Spatialist Movement, thanks to the study and research of art historian Marina Pugliese and art restorer Barbara Ferriani with a contribution from the Fondazione Fontana. The exhibition has a total of nine spaces created by Fontana between 1949 and 1968 for institutions and Italian and international museums. The exhibition Ambienti/Environments, dedicated to the spatial research of a provocative painter, leads the visitor on a voyage to discover the innovative power of one of the great masters of the 1900s. Signalling a break with traditional forms of sculpture and painting, Ambienti by Fontana represented a foreshadowing of the studies carried out by artists and movements of generations to come.
Samantha De Martin - © 2017 for Bulgari Hotel Milano