Anthem to Beauty at the Museum/Studio of Francesco Messina

The bodies of Aida Accolla, Carla Fracci, Luciana Savignano, thin and graceful, shine forth in 18 photos by Gianluca Balocco, created in the historic halls of the Palazzo Reale. Next to the three celebrated internationally famous ballerinas that embody three distinct ways of being a woman and defining one’s own beauty, suggesting reflections on the aesthetic homogenisation present in today’s society, there are also photos of sacred Indian plants, photographed in their entirety, roots included, to symbolise the uniqueness of each of the dancers. Accolla wears stage costumes, finding herself in a plant that lives through all the seasons. Meanwhile, Carla Fracci is wrapped in an eleven-metre long dress, conceived for the exhibition itself, indicating the passage of time, its colour green, in perfect harmony with nature. The well-worn clothing of Luciana Savignano, used in a life-time of training, confer upon the ballerina the aspect of a samurai, physical, full of vitality. It is an anthem to beauty that touches all human beings, the exhibition Belle di Natura at the Studio Museo Francesco Messina, conceived of by the Director of the Museo Maria Fratelli, and part of the cycle of events Il Lato della Scultura, dedicated to the relationship between sculpture and the two-dimensional image. The sculptures by master Messina, dedicated to Accolla, Fracci and Savignano in the Fifties, enter in dialogue with the photographs of the three dancers portrayed today by Gianluca Balocco and with the tapestries designed by Zachari Logan, exploring the affinities of creation.
Samantha De Martin - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel Milano