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On the occasion of the Bulgari Hotel Milano’s 10th anniversary, we have completed some discrete but pronounced actions on the elements of interior design throughout the Hotel.

July 2014 |

The Bulgari Hotel Milan nominated in Readers Choice Awards 2014 of Conde Nast Traveller Russia as one of the best abroad hotels.

April 2014 |

An extraordinary culinary event that takes guests into a taste journey around the world

October 2013 to April 2014 | Epicurea: The Event

Anna Di Martino for Bulgari Hotel, Milan

October 2013 | Il Mondo

Myself for the first Epicurea event

October 2013 | Myself

Class for Epicurea

October 2013 | Class

Buon Appetito in Bali

August/September 2013 | DaMan

Steve Sharp’s review for The Real Critics.

1 May 2013 | The Real Critics

Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report for Bulgari Hotel Milan.

April 2013 |

Harper's Bazaar for the Bali Resort

November 2012 |

Nature extrême a Bali

May 2010 | Grazia

La parola agli Chef

febbraio 2010 | Pasticceria Internazionale

Bulgari's another gem

| Engine

A luxury brand of hotel

July 2010 | Influence

Lo chef in vetrina

aprile 2010 | Grazia

The Spa in Milan

maggio 2010 | Vogue belleza

An eye on the Japanese Bulgari Restaurant

April 2010 | Bg Magazine

Corriere Della Sera writes on Epicurea Festival

October 19, 2013 | Corriere Della sera

Elle Decor celebrates the beginning of the Epicurea Festival

Autumn 2013 | Elle Decor

La Milano da bere al Bulgari Hotel

| Panorama Travel

AD talks about the Epicurea events

September 2013 | AD

Epicurea begins on RClub

September 18, 2013 | La Repubblica

Un gioiello di ospitalità

febbraio 2010 | Vie Del Gusto

Io Donna for Epicurea

June 22, 2013 | Io Donna

Epicurea begins online

Summer 2013 |

The Bali Resort

| First Class

What's on in Bali

| Trends Ideas

The Bulgari Hotel and Residences, London by A Rare World

November 2014 |

Bali's Resort

| Watch Report Issue 33

A byword for pure luxury

| Bali Weddings Honeymoon Magazine

Wedding at the Bali Resort

| 25 Ans Wedding

Chef Luca Fantin has been appointed as sublime ambassador of Italian haute cuisine in Tokyo in the prestigious How To Spend It magazine.

How To Spend It / 2014 |