At the Qi Mu Space, an Intriguing Reflection on Signs

Graphic signs have often been the subject of study (and even veneration) for their capacity to transfer meaning from one environment to another within the realm of human experience. And once again, it is the sign, as the primary constitutive element of literature itself, to be the through-line of all the phases of the exhibition As a Blue Sign. The exhibition is conceived just like a poem, broken into verses composed by five different artists, whose works are to be seen in succession and observed carefully. Only reflection, such as occurs with literature, allows one to dig deeply into the hidden meanings of the works, to understand the messages they hold. The exhibition is an interaction of varying artistic expressions and languages that relies on the interpretive capacities of the visitor, but is, above all, a dialogue between five artists working together to offer coherence and logic to their dissonant artistic views and their differing cultural experiences.

Arianna Papalia - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel Beijing