Il Bar brings a taste of the Mediterranean to London

Il Bar brings a taste of the Mediterranean to London
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Il Bar at Bvlgari Hotel, London, has launched an exciting new collection of cocktails inspired by travels along the Mediterranean, between France and Italy.

Conceived by Il Bar’s expert team, these cocktails are inspired by a journey along the curves of the coastline between France and Italy, from the Côte d’Azur all the way down to Calabria. Flavours and fragrances collected during travels have been translated into creations playing with textures and enticing combinations, and each serve is carefully prepared with wild and harvested ingredients to perfectly evoke the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Each section of the new menu offers a unique taste of a voyage down the coast. Highlights include Flavours of Parma, a decadently smooth twist on an Old Fashioned, combining parmesan washed bourbon, Crème de Griottes and chocolate, the Oak Negroni, a light and smoky variation of the classic blends a barrel-aged gluten-free quinoa vodka base and Dubonnet rouge, with Aperol providing a delicately sweet finish. Or why not try the Aqua Divina combining the delicious fresh flavours of bergamot orange and lime, Buffalo Trace, honeycomb, quince marmalade, salt, ginger and lavender soda? This intriguing and delicate serve perfectly encapsulates balmy summer days in Southern France.

Il Bar offers authentic taste of the Riviera in the elegant surroundings of the Bvlgari Hotel and a perfect glamourous retreat from busy Knightsbridge.