At La Scala, Simon Boccanegra

When Simon Boccanegra had its debut at Teatro La Fenice in Venice, with its libretto by Francesco Maria Piave, it was 12 March 1857. A few days later, an upset Giuseppe Verdi wrote a friend: “Boccanegra was almost as big a fiasco as La Traviata.” For over twenty years, the composer, deeply disappointed by the debut in Venice, reworked the score of this dark drama and the new definitive version went on stage 24 March 1881 at La Scala under the direction of Franco Faccio. After 130 years, the story of the Genovese corsair that, in the 1300s, was able to ascend the throne of the Doge of Venice thanks to the support of a friend and who, at the end of a life filled with tragedies, was poisoned by who he trusted most, enriches, from 8 February to 4 March, the 2018 Season of La Scala. The production of the masterpiece by Verdi directed by Federico Tiezzi is even more thrilling thanks to the musical direction of Myung-Whun Chung, adored at La Scala, but also well-known for the tours of the famed Bolshoi and in China as well. The lyrical abandon, the enthralling settings, the emotional vibrancy of the score, all guided under the subtle hand of the director, bring the characters lucidly to the fore - Leo Nucci, in the role of Simone, the noble Amelia, interpreted by Krassimira Stoyanova, and Jacopo Fiesco, who relives thanks to Dmitri Belosselskiy - gifting the public a celebrated Opera, rejuvenated yet with all its original splendour.
Samantha De Martin - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel Milano