Flying at La Scala, “The Bat” of Johann Strauss

For the first time at La Scala, a masterpiece of the Viennese opera buffa by Johann Strauss. In the Carnival atmosphere of Fat Thursday, a wonderful chain of misunderstandings, betrayals and mistaken identity takes hold of Austrian high society. Unfaithful wives, philandering husbands, and prankster friends in search of vengeance unleash their instincts with the aid of more-or-less convincing disguises. As always, the moment of truth arrives. The work risks turning into a tragedy, but the final joke has yet to come, that of the Bat and the wild spirits drowned in a river of “the king of wines”, Champagne. Commissioned to Strauss by the Theater an der Wien to distract the public from the dark sentiments that followed the Black Friday of the Viennese Stock Market (1873), Die Fledermaus (Il Pipistrello or The Bat) is a unique work of its kind for its theatrical and musical complexity. For the production at La Scala, Cornelius Meister directs, coming off a New Year’s performance of the same work at the Staatsoper of Venice, where he becomes director in 2018. The staging is directed by Cornelius Obonya, a true theatre man and grandson of Austrian actor Attila Hörbiger. Brilliant on stage are singers Eva Mei, Peter Sonn and Markus Werba, while the comic spoken element at Frosch Prison is undertaken by the incredible Paolo Rossi.
Francesca Grego - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel Milano