The Dialogue of Omar Galliani with Caravaggio at the Gallerie d’Italia

A real and emotional debt, inherited from one of the greatest masters of all time. The voice of Omar Galliani, one of the most original artists of the contemporary scene, echoes off his show Rosso Cadmio per Caravaggio and dialogues compellingly, with the image of Saint Ursula in the last work of Merisi, taking full advantage of his proximity to this work that is part of the exhibition L’ultimo Caravaggio. Eredi e Nuovi Maestri. The reflections of the artist from Montecchio Emilia - starting immediately after his years at the Academy when, with a conceptual approach, he used figurative art to express new meanings regarding the creation of art, using ten historic works as his starting point. Galliani uses collage, photography, the insertion of objects, literally ripping at his work, to contextualise it in the present. The through-line to his work is found in his sense of space, light and form, an alchemical reaction with Caravaggio, leading to a symbolic transfiguration of matter and reality itself, giving life to his unsettling black works, charged with provocative red contrasts.
Samantha De Martin - © 2017 for Bulgari Hotel Milano