The Debut of Andres Serrano at the Red Brick Art Museum

Andres Serrano brings some of his best works to the Red Brick Art Museum: around 53 works - including photos and videos - were chosen to offer the Nation his "American perspective". His debut in China couldn’t be anything less than audacious. Through photography, which is simply a means to express his conceptual art, the American artist challenges taboos, pushes for reflection on the value of religion, the meaning of death and confronts modesty by playing with sexuality. Among the works on display, his latest project Made in China, created last summer during his residence at the museum. The series - proposed for the first time in the country - investigates the importance of relations, exploring the voids left by concepts such as love and institutions such as marriage. The dramatic images on display of Chinese men and women (single, married and divorced of all ages) speak to the genius of this artist who is always capable of reaching the most profound depths of society, even one as distant and diverse from his own as Chinese society.

Arianna Papalia - © 2017 for Bulgari Hotel Beijing