The Technological Marvels of Ancient Greece at CMST

Ancient Greek civilisation, like that of China, enriched the cultural heritage of humanity with their artistic, intellectual and technological contributions. In the year of cooperation between Greece and China, the Herakleidon Museum and the China Museum of Science and Technology inaugurate an exhibition in Beijing that celebrates the extraordinary technical and artistic achievements of Greek thinkers more than 2000 years ago. From Greece, there are refined naval crafts and devastating weapons of war. The models of theatres on display demonstrate an elevated attention to sound engineering. The mechanisms that work using hydraulic power and the sophisticated machines for gauging the phases of the moon and eclipses, reflect an era in which humanity began to create works that reflect the complexity of human thought and calculations. "Eureka! I found it!" was the exclamation that began a process of translating thought into common objects that brought about human progress.

Arianna Papalia - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel Beijing