The Works of Mario Botta at the TAM

The works of the Swiss architect Mario Botta produced from 1960 to today are on display at the Art Museum of the Tsinghua University of Beijing. The museum, "a space for culture", was designed by Botta himself in various phases, starting in 2002, along with the library of the Institution. The two buildings, with their unique architectural aspects, are a highlight of one of the city’s most famous institutions. The preference towards pure geometric forms that give the visual impression of balance, the importance attributed to context as the space from which building actually begins, the power of the architectural structures are just some of the characteristics of the work of Mario Botta, a star architect that truly learned the best of Le Corbusier. The architectural idea at the base of Botta’s vision is evoked by the sections of the exhibition itself, dedicated to "living spaces", "working spaces", "sacred spaces" and "wine cellars". Design objects offer a final contribution towards understanding how this internationally famous architect conceives of space and our interaction with it.

Arianna Papalia - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel Beijing