Brazil and China Meet in the Troposphere

The Minsheng Art Museum has inaugurated the exhibition Troposphere: Contemporary Chinese and Brazilian Art. The initiative is part of the BRICS Contemporary Art Programme launched by the same museum with the goal of creating shared artistic platforms to promote reciprocal cultural understanding between the Nations involved in the project. The troposphere is that section of the atmosphere that is closest to humans, that envelopes us, assuring the fulfilment of all our activities. And it is this part of the atmosphere that has inspired the entire exhibition, creating an extended metaphor in which Chinese art aspires to breath the “pure oxygen” of the art produced in Brazil. 21 Brazilian artists bring the richness of South American art to Beijing, a tropical breeze that mingles with the enigmatic productions of as many Chinese artists. The result is a mix of national and personal styles that highlight the beauty of dialogue and sharing within the artistic experience, as well as within the human experience.
Arianna Papalia - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel Beijing