Breathe, stretch and strengthen the body with the Bulgari Spa London’s new aquatic Series
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Aquatic based training is one of the most effective ways to exercise the entire body due to the multi-dimensional resistance the body encounters through the water. The Bulgari Spa London introduces three new underwater aquatic therapies, ideal for those wishing to try a new form of body and mind exercise.

Water Barre is the perfect body altering experience that mixes traditional ballet style resistance work with intervals of stretching and strengthening in the pool. Pool Recovery is a low intensity full body workout using bodyweight movements and water resistance to build muscle and all-round strength. Last but not least, Pool Chi-Gong, which is designed to build flexibility, endurance and strength - it offers a calming exercise that blends meditation and breathing exercises with body movement.

The Water Barre and Pool Recovery are delivered by a Workshop Gymnasium performance specialist.