American Utopia: the Return of David Byrne

“It will be the most ambitious show since we did the film Stop Making Sense,” says David Byrne. The former leader of the Talking Heads is back with a new solo album American Utopia. “A concert without fireworks or stage gimmicks,” he explains, “just a bunch of us on stage and a lot of you watching us in a powerful human exchange.” Making the performance even more intense, the total freedom to move around the stage for the members of the band, thanks to wireless technology. Along with classic hits, the new tracks, which mark the renewed collaboration between the multiple-instrument-playing musician from Scotland and Brian Eno, co-author and producer of many tracks on the new album. A work which, judging from the track Everybody’s Coming to My House - already available in streaming on Byrne’s website - seems to harken back to the singing and rhythms filled with wind instruments and percussion in the tracks created with the Talking Heads in the second part of their career. “Many of us, I suspect, aren’t very satisfied with the world we’ve created,” observed the artist. “We look around and ask ourselves, ‘Do we have to continue living like this? Isn’t there another way?’ These songs are an up-close look at that point of view and those questions.”
Francesca Grego - © 2018 for Bvlgari Hotel London