At the British Museum, Rodin Meets Grecian Art

On stationery from the Thackeray Hotel, where Rodin resided during his stay in London on visit to the British Museum, sketches left by the artist reveal his extraordinary passion for the Grecian Art in the London museum. There is a subtle line rife with beauty and inspiration that unites the talent of Rodin to the charm of Phidias, snuck out of the sculptures of the Parthenon and inserted stealthily into the mythological and allegorical subjects of the great Parisian artist, illustrious guest of the British Museum that brought him so close to the works he truly loved and that inspired him. For the first time, the museum of London offers the public a dialogue between one of the greatest sculptors of all time and the masterpieces of classic art that inspired him. In collaboration with the Musée Rodin of Paris, more than 80 works in marble, plaster and bronze, next to iconic works such as The Thinker and The Kiss, dialogue with the sketches of the artist and thirteen sculptures from the Parthenon, protagonists of this first-time encounter. Entering the luminous Sainsbury Exhibitions Gallery to admire the works of Rodin next to the sculptures that inspired him, will be something akin to sneaking into the artist’s studio. It was 1881 when he visited London and the British Museum for the first time - he did it once again in 1917, just before his death - profoundly touched by the collection, particularly the beauty of the work from the Parthenon - works that he never copied, but observed, sketched and, which, profoundly influenced his own unforgettable art.
Samantha De Martin - © 2018 for Bvlgari Hotel London