Theatre of the Natural World: Mark Dion at the Whitechapel

To speak of the wonder and extraordinary fragility of life on Earth, Mark Dion travelled to garbage dumps and rain forests, creating sculptures, drawings and installations about all the mysteries of his explorations. The Whitechapel Gallery shares the voyage of the American conceptual artist, inviting visitors to emerge themselves in the series of installations created from 2000 to today. Among these, a special work, created specifically for London. Animal skeletons and obsolete objects that occupy various habitats, each of which represents an immersive environment with characters that observe, conserve or exploit the natural world - all put to use by the artist. Explorer, scientist, museum curator, archeologist, Dion, who creates art as he carries out a sort of scientific study, presents drawings and sculptures born out of the study of nature and a desire to represent natural history, bringing up crucial questions about nature and the environment.
Samantha De Martin - © 2018 for Bvlgari Hotel London