Voyage through Contemporary Creativity at the Royal Society of British Artists

The best of British made art is on display in the halls of the Mall Galleries for the Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of British Artists: a fundamental event for enthusiasts and collectors since 1823. Paintings, drawings, engravings and sculptures offer a window on the output of the contemporary art scene. And while fads may come and go, the appeal of this event has remained intact, celebrating its 301st Edition. A splendid occasion, especially for those passionate about painting, with a great number of works on display: there are abstract paintings and works so realistic that they seem like photos, still lifes, portraits, scenes from the XXI Century and landscapes outside of time, oils and acrylics, in a mix of styles which share the common denominators of attention to quality and the ability of the artists. Of great interest, the section of graphic arts which garners ever-increasing attention, next to sophisticated black and white etchings, delicate water colours, luxuriant architectural and natural works, as well as multimedia collages. And don’t forget sculpture, from the new frontiers of bronze to the rediscovery of ceramics.
Francesca Grego - © 2018 for Bulgari Hotel London